Licking Ninevolts (v7.0)


Pile of used meat: Taken.


Podcast Studio
You have entered the Stronger Than Reason podcast studio. The desk in the corner has a battered lamp that illuminates the very '70s fake wood paneling. Shelves line the wall, each cluttered with repurposed clementine boxes. Stuff overflows from the boxes, making it nearly impossible to extract anything without causing an avalanche. Smaller shelves on either side of the desk hold a pair of dusty studio monitors. Standing to one side is an old mic on a boom stand. There is a computer on the desk. It can't be, but it looks like an ancient Gateway 2000 desktop. Its yellowed 18" CRT monitor is currently showing .

There is a sickly green blanket with red polka dots here.

The studio monitors are playing a theme song.

There are various piles of CDs here.